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TOPIC January 25 revolution
Grasping the messianic moment
Ismail Fayed | A reflection on the 2016 “Mada Encounters” seminar on history and culture
858: Archiving as a tool of resistance
On revolution, non-production and subversive documentation
‘Revolution without Revolutionaries:’ Making sense of the Arab Spring
Heba Khalil | A conversation with Asef Bayat on his latest book
January 25, 2016: Cold, gray and mostly quiet
Isabel Esterman | It wasn’t just the Interior Ministry, the Endowments Ministry and other state entities putting
Democracy Dialogue
Linda Herrera | Global conversations inspired by Egypt's January 25 uprising
How have films that fictionalized January 25 progressed over 5 years?
Rowan El Shimi | Perhaps this trend reveals that what seemed to us right from the beginning as immediately cinematic –
Classified report reveals State Security’s take on Jan 25 revolution
Mostafa Mohie | Mada Masr has obtained a copy of a confidential State Security Investigations report regarding the
A Mediterranean encounter in the heart of Cairo
Marta Agosti | Throughout years of struggle for regime change and an overall change of political mindset in Egypt, the
Why everyone walked free in the Mubarak trial
Judge Mahmoud al-Rashidy knew that the acquittal of former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and six of
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Dina Wahba
How do we recall painful memories?
7 years on, remembering is an act of defiance against erasure
Asef Bayat
Reminiscing Gramsci
It is a tribute to Gramsci to identify the crisis. It is up to us to address it
Laura Bird
Defeat as a useful sentiment
Authenticity and possibility in collective defeat
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Court finally acquits last policeman accused of killing January 25 protesters
Sisi: Deviation of 2011 revolution is not the fault of its sons, June 30 corrected the path
Egyptians take to social media to declare they participated in the January 25 revolution
Minister of Endowments: Partaking in January 25 protests violates Sharia
Egypt’s billionaires 80% richer than before the revolution
Sisi to amend law to criminalize insults of January 25, June 30 uprisings
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Andeel | Someone in Parliament: "I don't recognize January 25!"January 25: "Oh, woe is me."
Expensive meat
Andeel | Assistant: "So do you remember, sir, during — may God never bring back those days — January 25, when people said social justice? It seems like for some reason they are still, apparently, rather concerned with that topic, I guess ... sir."Sisi: "Hmmmm... So it's not the Brotherhood?"
Cartoon: The woman died
Andeel | Protester killed in protest January 25 revolution anniversary.Sisi supporters: "Shit! She died."
Cartoon: Confessions of a citizen
Andeel | Anchor: "So today, as we approach the third, or maybe fourth anniversary of the January 25 revolution, we'd like to ask you: Do you feel like something has gone wrong?"Man: "I feel, but I'll deny it." 
Cartoon: Biased bullshit
Andeel |  "I don't understand why you don't focus on positives as much as you focus on negatives!"
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