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The ‘quantum leap’ in Egypt-Israel relations
Cairo must maintain good ties with Israel, even if some aspects of the relationship remain hidden.
On Land Day, The Great Marches of Return continue in Gaza, despite changes
Ahmed Jamal Shehadeh and Thaer Abu Aoun | While the Gaza marches have continued, they have declined with time and become a political tool
Hamas and Israel reach 10-day deescalation agreement to ‘test’ will for further negotiations
Ahmad Shehada and Marwan Mostafa | Hamas and Israel agreed to a 10-day deescalation on Friday after Egyptian mediation efforts
Egypt exerts heavy pressure on Hamas leaders to halt attacks, refuses to make demands of Israel
Egypt exerted heavy pressure on Hamas over the last two days to declare a ceasefire with Israel
Palestinian Authority nears decision to remove sanctions on Gaza administrative salaries as Egypt intensifies mediation efforts
Ahmad Shehada | Amid heightened Egyptian mediation, Palestinian Authority nears decision to rescind Gaza sanctions
In Between: Your Palestinian identity and your Israeli-funded film
Menna Ekram | An Israeli-funded film by a Palestinian director raises questions about Palestinian filmmaking
How do we write about Palestine? 2 collections, 2 answers
Marcia Lynx Qualey | And why read parachute writers, even if they’re famous?
Disagreement between Egypt, Palestine over proposed amendment to Arab Peace Initiative
Asmahan Soliman and Omar Said | Sources confirm that Egypt’s proposed amendments to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative were rejected by
Egypt responds to Israel’s plea and delays UN motion on settlements
Egypt’s presence on the Security Council has enabled it to hijack Palestinian attempts to get the settlements
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Bekriah Saeb
Jerusalem is a crystal ball that we can never enter
Between the lived and imagined realities of the city
Franco Galdini
Against normalizing the abnormal: BDS and the struggle for Palestinian rights
World leaders are still fusing anti-Semitism & anti-Zionism to discredit pro-Palestinian activism
Sharif S Elmusa
To act or not to act like a state
Scrolling through pictures on the Internet the other day in the middle of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza,
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Zawya screens Ziad Doueiri’s The Insult amid heated BDS debate
Egypt defends its decision to withdraw anti-settlement resolution at the UN
Gaza conference begins in Cairo, focuses on long-term solutions
Sisi talks counter-terrorism at UN General Assembly
Egypt calls for an open-ended Gaza cease-fire agreement
18 killed in Gaza as situation escalates following negotiation collapse
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