A Sky Close to our House: A novel that spins out of control
Ismail Fayed | Shahla Ujayli's novel about a Syrian exile is convincing but problematic.
IPAF-nominated Numedia, or Buck and his oversexed does
Ismail Fayed | On Tareq Bakari's IPAF-nominated novel Numedia, "about a heterosexual Moroccan man with legendary sex
The women of the family draw short straw in Mahmoud Shukair’s second novel
Sherif Abdel Samad | The Palestinian author abandons omnipresence to experiment with first-person narration for each of his
Completely horrific and painfully plausible: Mohamed Rabie’s Otared
Lara El Gibaly | This novel is a glimpse into a world where nothing is sacred, where the past is a series of events meant
On Rabie Madhoun’s fascinating follow-up to Lady from Tel Aviv
Sherif Abdel Samad | Madhoun perpetuates in his prose the Palestine he was barred from entering for 38 years.
Keeper of the Dead: An IPAF novel more journalistic than fictional
Ismail Fayed | An incisive view of the corrupt politics of Lebanon's civil war, but not much poetic insight.
99 floors down: Jana Elhassan’s IPAF-shortlisted novel disappoints
Ismail Fayed | Jana Elhassan's bodice-ripping Floor 99 makes Ismail Fayed wonder about the criteria by which works are
The ecstatic madness of the Mahdiyya
Ismail Fayed | If the novel should be called out for its superficial dabbling with mysticism and a problematic premise,
Frankenstein in Baghdad: You won’t like him but can’t hate him
Amany Ali Shawky | After losing his friend and partner in one of the almost daily explosions that hit Baghdad, the greedy
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