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Interior Ministry reshuffle: Is the state acknowledging its security failure in Wahat?
Omar Said | The Interior Ministry carries out a reshuffle of senior posts in the wake of the Wahat Road attack
Timeline: The Journalists Syndicate and the state, an ongoing battle
Beesan Kassab | A timeline of events leading to sentencing of syndicate head Yehia Qallash this month.
Interior Ministry announces death of influential Brotherhood leader
Mohamed Hamama | Egypt’s Interior Ministry announced that influential Brotherhood leader Mohamed Kamal had been killed
Breaking the back of the Journalists Syndicate
Beesan Kassab and Omar Said | A month after security forces stormed the Journalist Syndicate and arrested two reporters, the standoff
Leaked MOI memos reveal intentions to issue gag orders on Journalists Syndicate raid, Regeni’s murder
Mohamed Hamama | Amid its feud with the Journalists Syndicate, the Interior Ministry accidentally revealed its
The Interior Ministry versus police clubs
Passant Rabie | “If you violate [police] rights, you have to expect that they will also violate other people’s rights.”
A confrontation between the Interior Ministry and angry policemen
Mohamed Hamama | A crisis between Egypt’s Interior Ministry and police forces escalated this week, with seven leaders of
The security apparatus: Defeat, failed reform and back to full force
Passant Rabie | “We take courses in human rights, but where is it on the ground? I haven’t seen anything applied
Police torture and public anger in Luxor
Mohamed Hamama | Friday prayers in mosques across Luxor ended uneventfully on December 4. They weren’t followed
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Mostafa Mohie
The Journalists Syndicate’s victory
In an outrageous move, Egyptian security forces stormed the headquarters of the Journalists Syndicate
Khaled Mansour
The disgrace we should not embrace
Egypt is neck deep in an Orwellian swamp where names obscure rather than explain the institutions behind
Belal Fadl
Egypt: The nation of snitches makes a comeback
When a ruler depends solely on the power of oppression and completely impedes rational thinking, he no
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Police announce death of 13 militants in Arish, Province of Sinai claims responsibility for killing 2 military officers
Security forces close downtown Cairo bookstore and detain 2 employees
Interior Ministry announces killing of 4 Badrashin attack suspects
Security campaign targeting Hassm intensifies as 8 alleged members killed in Fayoum
Court ruling obliges authorities to register children from customary marriages
Dozens arrested for sexual harassment on Sham al-Nessim
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