TOPIC infographs
One story, many faces: How Egypt’s political TV is shaping public opinion
How have political narratives dominated Egypt’s most popular mode of news consumption?
June 30, 3 years on: State efforts to depoliticize universities falter
Mai Shams El-Din and Pesha Magid | June 30, 3 years on: A series of infographs that detail how the state's efforts to depoliticize universities
Understanding 554 travel bans since 2011
Pesha Magid | Travel bans have become increasingly common since the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi 3 years
Visualizing Egypt: More voices, less freedom
Since the early 2000s, Egypt has seen the liberalization of the media market, with the state opening
The cost of smoking
Pesha Magid | On World No Tobacco Day 2015, Mada Masr releases an infograph that breaks down the smoking demographics
Visualizing censorship in Egypt
Click on image to zoom in. Throughout the past two years, Egypt has been witnessing different forms of
Breaking down the death penalty
Pesha Magid | In the span of just one year, more than 1,000 people were sentenced to death in Egypt. From the Minya
Egyptian women: Between education, livelihoods and abuse
Pesha Magid | 99.3% of Egyptian women experience sexual harassment. 82.6% say they feel unsafe in the street.