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Slash and burn: Reducing fuel subsidy bill at whose expense?
Waad Ahmed | Government continues pattern of price hikes for subsidized fuel types to reduce fuel subsidy bill
Where does government stand in implementing terms of IMF loan agreement?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Mada Masr tracks Egypt's compliance with terms of IMF staff report timetable as the fund conducts review
Egypt seeks US$12 billion IMF loan, but at what cost?
Mohamed Hamama | After months of denial, officials announce Egypt is seeking a loan from the IMF, but at what cost?
Tarek Ghanem
Opium or coffee? Islam and its relevance in hard times
Is religion numbing Egyptians into acquiescence amid a number of merciless austerity measures?
Michel Assaad
Do economic indicators reflect reality for most Egyptians?
Growth amid inequality and corruption only ever benefits a limited number of people
Amr Adly
The IMF is neither the problem nor the solution
Development does not co-exist naturally with free market policies
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World Economic Outlook projects Egypt’s inflation rate to rise slightly higher than expected
Finance minister: Egypt spent US$20 bn on ‘external obligations’ last year
Egypt hikes fuel prices by up to 100% to save LE35 bn in budget
IMF releases staff agreement on Egypt loan, mission chief commends economic program’s progress
IMF board approves US$12 bn loan to Egypt
IMF welcomes Egypt’s austerity measures, advises against lifting food subsidies
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