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TOPIC hospital conditions
Images from Abbasseya Hospital raise concerns about maltreatment and patient privacy
Omar Said | As the Health Ministry suspends the hospital manager, staff refute claims of maltreatment
Egypt’s health sector in the shadow of devaluation: All roads lead to ruin
Mohamed Hamama | Mona Mina argues it's illogical to choose either poor resource management or privatization for the health
Inside Egypt’s emergency rooms
Pesha Magid | Gastroenterologist Mohamed Hassan recalls an incident at a public hospital in which a man brought his
An ailing healthcare system
Leyla Doss | Nadine Shams was admitted to a hospital to remove two fibroids, or benign tumours, in her uterus. Basic
Battling to improve Egypt’s health care
Sarah Carr | Amr al-Shora is doing battle again, this time in the Doctors Syndicate elections. Shora is running
Hussein Kamal
Health is a public ‘good’
Health economics has been a field of economics that has attracted great interest since the publication
On doctors day, medical school graduates are not happy
Angered doctors demand healthcare reform after colleague dies from meningitis
Defective rehydration medication kills infant from Beni Suef
Doctors Syndicate calls for dismissal of Health Minister after campaign exposes hospital conditions
Facebook campaign exposes shocking hospital conditions nationwide
Prevention efforts, new drugs offer hope for an end to hepatitis
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