From the Kofta Machine to 100 Million Health Lives: Egypt’s success in stemming hepatitis C
Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira and Mohamed Hamama | Egypt’s journey from the spread of hepatitis C to the beginning of its decline
Interview: HIV/AIDS is more a social, legal, rights issue than health issue
Naira Antoun | Mada Masr sits with an activist who has been engaged in work on HIV/AIDS over the past decade.
What the decision to test all detainees at a police station for HIV reveals about Egypt’s security services
Pesha Magid | It is not quite clear what the sister of a man arrested on suspicion of being gay expected when she told
The deadly antidote
Alyaa Abu Shahba | Sherif leans on the wall for support as he walks towards his bed, while his wife Thanaa lies opposite
Amani Massoud
Even if we can cure AIDS, do we really want to?
When the Egyptian army’s medical team announced it had invented two devices to detect and cure
Mostafa Hussein
Africa has cured AIDS many times before
The Egyptian military, with their recently announced Complete Cure device, is hardly the first
Syndicate refers 4 doctors to disciplinary committee for propagating device to cure AIDS, Hep C
Police station to test 170 inmates after report of HIV-positive detainee
Ministry to investigate NGO over awareness programs for same-sex partners
Inventor of Complete Cure device files complaint against critics
Armed Forces say miracle HCV cure needs 6 months of further testing
AIDS cure inventor continues promotion despite waning military support
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