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TOPIC General Intelligence Service
Looking into the latest acquisition of Egyptian media companies by general intelligence
Hossam Bahgat | Mada Masr investigates a recent procurement by a private equity fund owned by Egyptian intelligence
Behind the curtains of the Foreign Ministry: Security apparatuses play for control
Asmahan Soliman | Diplomats reassigned, an embassy raided and a ministry managed beyond its leader's sight
Anatomy of an election
Hossam Bahgat | "For the Love of Egypt … was born in this meeting. Yes, inside the Egyptian General Intelligence Agency.
Privacy International reveals intelligence unit tasked with acquiring surveillance tools
Lina Attalah and Mohamed Hamama | While Egypt's Technical Research Department works in complete secrecy, Privacy International suggests
Where Egypt featured in Hillary Clinton’s emails
Isabel Esterman | Thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton’s time as United States Secretary of State have been released
Monitoring communication: Where will the state’s attempts to control ‘space’ lead?
Mohamed Hamama | On March 20, Google released a statement announcing it had detected a security breach originating from
Mohamed Elmenshawy
Tensions between Egypt’s FM and intelligence agencies play out in Washington
Why did Egypt's intelligence contract a lobbying company in Washington and PR firm in NYC?
Sources: Head of DMC network dismissed, plans to launch DMC News scrapped
New Egyptian intelligence appointments ‘reset’ Hamas negotiations in Cairo
Egypt intelligence signs $1.2 million deal with US PR company
Surveillance cameras to be installed nationwide
Al-Watan report on tax evasion by state institutions censored
When Egypt’s intel chief makes it clear
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