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Gendered Labor and Structural Violence: The case of women farmworkers in Tunisia
Ola Galal | The deaths sparked a national outcry in a country often thought of as a pioneer in women’s rights.
Gender and Labor: An open call
The deadline for pitches or initial drafts is October 3, 2019.
Pride of the Arabs: Mo, morality, and memes
Sulafa Zidani | Did you know that Mo Salah is made of “0% fat, 0% grease, 100% morals?”  Did you know that the real
Would you hire a female plumber?
Maddison Sawle | Um Bassem, a plumber in Cairo, has challenged the rules about women working in male-dominated fields
A-Z of progress and setbacks for Egyptian women between two international women’s days
On International Women’s Day, an A-Z of the past year in Egypt
11 sentenced to 3-12 years in prison for homosexuality
Pesha Magid | The Agouza Criminal Court has sentenced 11 people to prison terms ranging between three and 12 years
A-Z of progress and setbacks for Egyptian women this year
Dalia Rabie | On International Women’s Day, here is Mada Masr’s A-Z of the experiences and challenges
Let our girls join our army: Egypt’s aspiring military women
Passant Rabie | “We have given up our feminine clothes for the military uniform,” read two large banners held up
Egyptian women: Between education, livelihoods and abuse
Pesha Magid | 99.3% of Egyptian women experience sexual harassment. 82.6% say they feel unsafe in the street.
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Sally Toma
The March of women: here and there, then and now
“I still struggle with visuals of my rape. I recall the words he used to break my soul and, although
Give Mom Back Her Name ad wins Glass Lion at Cannes festival
Egypt ranks 129th in World Economic Forum gender report