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TOPIC gas prices
How oil hedging could allow Egypt to lift fuel subsidies despite rising international prices
Waad Ahmed | Hedging could allow Egypt to continue austerity measures without leaving the local market vulnerable
Video | Fuel price hikes: ‘It is what it is’
How are Cairenes being affected by the recent hike in fuel prices?
A closer look at price hikes
Waad Ahmed | Egyptians are feeling the pinch, from transport fares to the cost of basic commodities.
Adjusting commuting habits
Passant Rabie | KarTag, a mobile phone application designed to help people organize carpools through their networks of
Government increases prices for household and commercial gas by up to 75%
Live updates: Government raises transportation costs nationwide following fuel price hikes
Government hikes fuel prices by up to 66.7%
Price shocks in Egypt likely to hit well into 2018: Capital Economics
Inflation continues to rise in August
Army buses to transport civilian commuters around Giza
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