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TOPIC freedom of expression
Members of Parliament go against Constitution to preserve ‘public decency’
Beesan Kassab | On Monday Parliament voted against amending the Penal Code's provisions regarding indecency, retaining
1st lesson learned from Ahmed Naji’s jailing: Individuality
Nael El Toukhy | Many hated Naji because individuality is thorny, lonely and uncomfortable, even for those claiming to
Atfal al-Shawarea: A fatherly fear of sarcasm and the street
Mohamed Hamama and Shady Zalat | It started on the internet but may end in the street, which the regime thinks it can totally control
Global solidarity readings for Ahmed Naji to increase pressure on Egypt
Jenifer Evans | "Every grain of sand that enters a writer's life potentially becomes part of their writing, and this
In support of the Journalists Syndicate, in defense of our profession
While people around the world celebrate World Press Freedom Day, we are racing to cover the systematic
In support of Ahmed Naji: A joint statement by Mada Masr, Za2ed18, Qoll and Zahma
This is a translation of a statement initially published last night in Arabic by websites Mada Masr,
Singing a crime: On the judicial police powers of the Musicians Syndicate
Ayman Helmy | Ayman Helmy explains more about the judicial police powers given to the actors, cinema and musicians
Human rights in focus: Amr Ezzat
Mai Shams El-Din | Whilst the human rights movement has traditionally focussed on exposing police violations, fighting for
The guy behind Contemporary Art
Mai Elwakil | Type “contemporary art is” in a Google search, and the top three suggestions one gets are: “bullshit,”
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Why does Mada take World Press Freedom day off?
Some thoughts on why we do what we do, on a day we have decided to take off
Ayah Abo-Basha
#FreeBebo: Campaign to free arrested AUC student
“As a professor, there’s nothing more difficult than to enter a classroom to an empty seat — the
Iman Mersal
The police and citizens’ hair
There is no problem in a policeman, as a citizen, having an opinion about the appropriate length of a
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Google-affiliated Accelerated Mobile Pages Project blocked in Egypt
UN Human Rights Council statement slams Egypt website blocks
Zagazig University suspends professor, refers him to disciplinary committee for ‘insulting Islam’
Writer Ahmed Naji prevented from leaving Egypt
Ahmed Naji’s lawyers await details of his acquittal and retrial date
Administrative Court rejects lawsuit against Interior Ministry’s social media surveillance project
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Open up Mr. President
Andeel | Voice behind the door: "Open up Mr. President, I am tomorrow..." Sisi: "No! No!"
Cartoon: Why is this a cartoon?
Cartoon: Margin for freedom
Andeel | #FreedomThis is the space allowed for today's cartoon. Thank you.