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Found in Translation V: Singing the spiritual
The text is a three-part essay by Ahmed Shehab Eddine entitled “On Sufism and Hallucinogenic Drugs”
Found in Translation IV: A high and beautiful wave
The fourth edition of Found in Translation, a collaboration between Mada and the Cairo Jazz Club
Long live degenerate art
Maha ElNabawi | How 4 artists made sense, in music, out of some words Mada sent them
Found in Translation: From Machine Eat Man to a new band called Majhoul
Yasmin Shehab | One-man band Machine Eat Man and new project Majhoul at Found in Translation
Maii Waleed, Ahmed Saleh and Marawan Waheed on the funk and life of Mohamed Helal
Maha ElNabawi | Behind the scenes at Found in Translation, our new collaboration with Cairo Jazz Club