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TOPIC foreign investment
Can dependence on ‘hot money’ boost the economy amid risks of social tensions?
Waad Ahmed | Find out whether the influx of over US$17 billion in investments augurs prosperity or crisis
3×3 on Egypt’s new investment law: Conflicts in governance and challenges to development
Waad Ahmed | Three voices answer three questions to map the dynamics and impact of the new investment law
Investment between 2 IMF loans: An unchanged philosophy and challenges to governance
Waad Ahmed | New investment legislation aims to address ongoing challenges to post-2011 investment governance
Q&A on the depreciation of the Egyptian pound
Mostafa Mohie | The Egyptian pound recorded LE7.73 to the dollar at the foreign exchange auction on Tuesday, and
Report: Tax havens cost Egypt’s treasury billions
Isabel Esterman | Egypt loses as much as LE5 billion a year in tax revenue due to companies using tax havens to shield
Egyptian companies trapped in limbo by investment-friendly law
Jano Charbel | Egyptian workers have been fighting an uphill battle against draconian privatisation measures for decades,
How much FDI is enough to spur economic recovery?
Isabel Esterman | In the lead up to the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) that opened Friday in Sharm el-Sheikh,
Inflation may fluctuate, but its effects remain crippling
Dina Salah ElDin | In some ways, the Tawfikia market in downtown Cairo captures a bit of the business landscape in Egypt:
Watching the pound slide
Isabel Esterman | The Egyptian pound has declined by 5.46 percent against the dollar since January 18, reflecting a clear
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Kuba Gogolewski
Big loans to big players
To many outsiders looking in, the seemingly resounding “yes” vote in Egypt’s recent constitutional
Cabinet increases property value required to qualify for residency to US$100,000
Investment council lifts taxes, offers free land to attract investors
Company accused of selling fake Egyptian cotton invited to open factory in Egypt
Moody’s credit rating agency ranks Egypt as stable
Egyptians among top investors in Dubai property market
Egypt receives $500 million from Saudi, secures funds from Kuwait and EBRD
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Cartoon: Marketing Egypt
Tawfik | >Billboards in New York encourage investors to work in Egypt<Billboard on the right: Invest in EgyptBillboard on the left: Egypt