TOPIC For the Love of Egypt
Anatomy of an election
Hossam Bahgat | "For the Love of Egypt … was born in this meeting. Yes, inside the Egyptian General Intelligence Agency.
The impossible parliamentary alliance
Mai Shams El-Din | The newly-elected parliament, which is due to convene soon, is still in a state of flux, with various
Clear winners and dark horses
Mai Shams El-Din | Low voter turnout wasn’t the only notable feature of the first stage of parliamentary
The curious case of Ahmed Shafiq
Passant Rabie | Former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq is not running in the upcoming parliamentary elections, but
Sisi and parliament: Friends or foes?
Mohamed Hamama | Campaigning started this week for the parliamentary elections. With voting in the first round slated
Nour Party struggles forth, despite all odds
Passant Rabie | The Salafi Nour Party will contest parliamentary seats in just two districts this year, according to
From the ship to the faucet: The power of election symbols
Heba Afify | Candidates have been rushing to select their symbols for Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections,
Tamarod after the rebellion
Heba Afify | Mohamed Raay has seen Tamarod go from popular campaign to political movement and is now the general
MP Mostafa Bakry resigns from Support Egypt coalition
Early results show independents seize unprecedented power in new parliament
HEC: 29.83% turnout, For the Love of Egypt wins 60 more seats in 2nd elections round
Little interest as polls reopen for parliamentary elections Sunday
Head of electoral list: None of the candidates qualify for speaker
Pro-Sisi list tops polls with first round voter turnout of 26.56%
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