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TOPIC food prices
Two years later, how have people’s lives been impacted by the flotation of the Egyptian pound?
If middle-income earners are feeling the squeeze, then how are those with less income faring?
Making ends meet: 6 stories of household budgeting
Six people with different incomes explain how the economic crisis is affecting them
Slashed wheat subsidies leave farmers at the mercy of fluctuating global markets
Waad Ahmed | Local wheat farmers are facing uncertainty after the removal of government subsidies
Egypt’s working poor are facing a silent killer: Bad food
Maddison Sawle | Increasing rates of diabetes & heart disease are an inevitable result of a broken food & health system
A closer look at price hikes
Waad Ahmed | Egyptians are feeling the pinch, from transport fares to the cost of basic commodities.
Sisi promises no price increases, but it might already be too late
Shahd Essam | In a speech last Wednesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi vowed that the devaluation of the
Egypt’s wheat policies sow market confusion
Robert Barron | A series of back-and-forth announcements by Egyptian authorities has roiled global wheat markets and,
Fighting high food prices at retail level misses deeper causes of price spikes
Mohamed Hamama | With food prices soaring, Egypt’s government has vowed to take action. “Don’t think that the issue
Ramadan and politics: Does Sisi really care?
Mai Shams El-Din | Conflicting decisions in the last few weeks have raised questions from critics as to whether President
June annual headline inflation rate stabilizes at 30.9%
Price shocks in Egypt likely to hit well into 2018: Capital Economics
Core, annual inflation hit 7-year highs in June
Annual inflation down to 9 percent in March
Intelligence services promise medical and food supplies for Minya, Assiut
Rice supplies dwindle, prices rise despite production surplus
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