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Avant-titre: Wes Anderson: Beyond symmetry
Ahmed Abu al-Fadl | Is his style ingenious, or has it become redundant?
Video | Avant-titre: 5 reasons why ‘No retreat, No surrender’ is the best Egyptian parody film
Ahmed Abu al-Fadl | Ahmed Abu al-Fadl gives 5 reasons why he thinks No Retreat, No Surrender is the best Egyptian parody
Before I forget: How film can temporarily reorder our relationship with reality
Ali Atef | Mariam Mekiwi’s new film hinges on a sci-fi genre and makes us bounce between its own world and ours
Where does the Cairo International Film Festival stand on Egypt’s cinematic map?
Bassam Mortada, Hakim Abdel Naim and Muhammad El-Hajj | Three film buffs in conversation
Samir Farid remembered by the filmmakers and critics he affected
Rowan El Shimi | Filmmakers and fellow critics tell us their memories of the renowned film writer
On the importance of post-1967 alternative cinematic adventures in Egypt
Ahmed Refaat | Ahmed Refaat looks back at the constellation of three alternative film practices that emerged in the
Kurrasat Al Cimatheque: Some beautiful, if not yet groundbreaking, film writing
Nour El Safoury | There’s a lot to admire about this new non-periodical film magazine produced by Cimatheque, but Nour
How have films that fictionalized January 25 progressed over 5 years?
Rowan El Shimi | Perhaps this trend reveals that what seemed to us right from the beginning as immediately cinematic –
At the film festival: In frantic search of the sacred
Nahla Osman and Ahmad Abdalla | Ahmad Abdalla with a plea for festival judges to give up idealization and engage with the real-life debates
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