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Disquiet, vulnerability and muffled violence: A conversation on the films of Ahmed ElGhoneimy
Salma al-Tarzi | All three of your films display a certain kind of disquiet towards the idea of masculinity
‘Hungover’: Reflections on the routes and residue of 1968
Ali Hussein Al-Adawy | 1968 might have been a political failure but it has also spurred ideas that remain relevant today
The reductive realism of Capernaum
Hessen Hossam | The world of Nadine Labaki’s Oscar-nominated Capernaum (2018) feels a little bit too chaotic
Harun Farocki: Dialectics of images
Ali Hussein Al-Adawy | How do Farocki’s cinematic, artistic and critical contributions interact with the world today?
Persistently relevant: Atteyat al-Abnoudy
Ahmed Refaat | Ahmed Refaat explores the reasons behind the continued significance of Atteyat al-Abnoudy’s work
An artistically lacking film at a morally lacking moment: The problematic rhetoric of ‘Gunshot’
Amr Ezzat | An examination of “Gunshot,” the controversial film which premiered at the Gouna Film Festival
Avant-titre: Wes Anderson: Beyond symmetry
Ahmed Abu al-Fadl | Is his style ingenious, or has it become redundant?
Video | Avant-titre: 5 reasons why ‘No retreat, No surrender’ is the best Egyptian parody film
Ahmed Abu al-Fadl | Ahmed Abu al-Fadl gives 5 reasons why he thinks No Retreat, No Surrender is the best Egyptian parody
Before I forget: How film can temporarily reorder our relationship with reality
Ali Atef | Mariam Mekiwi’s new film hinges on a sci-fi genre and makes us bounce between its own world and ours
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