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Tough times by the sea | A portrait of Fayed’s local tourism economy
Mostafa Darwish | Workers and summergoers at Fayed resort discuss the impact of Egypt's economic issues on the season
All in the family: Elections in Fayoum determined by tribal ties
Mohamed Hamama | “The priority goes to Egypt,” said Abdel Tawab Braik, a farmer in the Fayoum village of Tunis, when
Security campaign targeting Hassm intensifies as 8 alleged members killed in Fayoum
Hassm claims responsibility for Fayoum shooting that killed 1 CSF conscript, injured 3 others
Doctors Syndicate condemns police killing of physician in Fayoum
1 policeman killed, 3 injured in Fayoum revenge attack
Update: ‘Revolutionary Punishment’ group claims responsibility for Fayoum officers murder
Mystery Fayoum cemetery contains over a million mummified remains
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