TOPIC Egypt's cinematic gems
Egypt’s Cinematic Gems: The Open Door
Ismail Fayed | Ismail Fayed explores Henry Barakat’s adaptation of Latifa al-Zayat’s 'The Open Door'
Egypt’s Cinematic Gems: Love’s Last Story
Ismail Fayed | Raafat al-Mihi’s third feature combines symbolism with an unflinching awareness of reality
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Sleepless Nights
Rowan El Shimi | Hany Khalifa's frank film broke the prudish "clean cinema" trend in 2003.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Greatest Child in the World
Lara El Gibaly | This film combines the worst of orientalism, nationalism, and the male ego
Egypt’s cinematic gems: A Taste of Fear
Rowan El Shimi | A document in which the post-1967 sentiment is delivered by unusual suspects
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Love Over the Pyramid Plateau
Ismail Fayed | Atef al-Tayeb charts a man’s attempt to fulfill his sexual desire without sinning or breaking the law
Egypt’s cinematic gems: I Want a Solution
Ismail Fayed | The Said Marzouk film considered one of the few films to influence Egypt's rigid, unyielding laws
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Piper
Ismail Fayed | The Piper is fundamentally the extended staging of the death of the poet — or indeed of poetry itself
Egypt’s cinematic gems: You and Me and the Hours of the Journey
Ismail Fayed | Love in the time of the 1980s
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