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A history of the state told through the senses: A conversation with Khaled Fahmy
Youssef El Chazli | In All the Pasha’s Men, Fahmy took up the narrative of Mohammed Ali’s construction of modern Egypt
The ‘fountain of youth’ and the insurgent subject of history
Ahmed El Serougui | unpacks the category of “youth” and the crisis associated with it, through three crossings
How ordinary Egyptians embodied nationalism around the 1919 revolution
Osman El Sharnoubi | Ziad Fahmy uses popular culture to look back at the emergence of a distinctly Egyptian identity
A treasure trove of Egyptian food
Hala N. Barakat | An Iraqi food writer unearths and translates a manuscript on Egyptian medieval cooking
Historiographical frustrations: Writing the history of the 1967 defeat
Osman El Sharnoubi | "The documents are damning. The state doesn’t want you to find out the scandalous way it did its business."
Video: How can we fit the world into folders?
Lara El Gibaly, Nael El Toukhy and Rowan El Shimi | This Alexandrian bookseller has independently created a massive scholarly archive
The uprising will not be filmed: Cinematic representations of the 1977 bread riots
Adham Youssef | Film seems to have largely neglected the 1977 bread riots
I like collecting ugly things: On Amgad Naguib’s Townhouse show
Ifdal Elsaket | A show about the magnitude of what gets left out and the futility of capturing the past's messiness.
We Are Egyptian Armenians, and that’s all you need to know
Lara El Gibaly | If we judge this film as a history lesson, it is quite successful.
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Edna Bonhomme
A Black American poet in Cairo in the 50s and 60s
Was the anti-colonial period an exception for Arab-Black solidarity?
Tarek Ghanem
History hurts, disturbs, inspires, revives
Some thoughts on histories from below and state narratives.
Alia Mossallam
Beyond the din of the battle: Stories from the struggle for Port Said
Alia Mossallam tells personal accounts of the 1956 War in Port Said in contrast to the official narrative.
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