TOPIC Egypt-UK relations
A year of grey zones: Egypt’s foreign friends and foes
Omar Said | Egypt’s foreign policy and diplomacy throughout 2015 arguably fell in some sort of grey zone, with
British government illegally spies on Egyptian NGO
Nadia Ahmed | In a new shocking revelation, the UK’s Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) was found guilty
Abdel Azeem Hammad
The imperial doctrines of Donald Trump and Theresa May
Signs of reviving British and US imperialism are bad news for the region
Egypt-based militant group responds to UK blacklisting: ‘The UK is the terrorist’
UK lists Hassm and Lewaa al-Thawra as ‘terrorist organizations’
UK criticizes new NGO law calling it a ‘step backwards’
TV host accuses British ambassador of previously working for UK intel
British Airways cancels flights to Sharm el-Sheikh indefinitely
Egypt demands investigation of Egyptian’s death in London
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