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TOPIC Egypt-Turkey relations
Questions about June 30: Who were we and what were we thinking? Part 1
A group of writers and researchers gathered at Mada to share their thoughts about their positions on
June 30, 3 years on: A changing regional map
Omar Said | June 30, 2013 was a turning point in regional alliances across the Middle East. Omar Said charts the
A year of grey zones: Egypt’s foreign friends and foes
Omar Said | Egypt’s foreign policy and diplomacy throughout 2015 arguably fell in some sort of grey zone, with
Obsessed with Turkish models in Egypt
Hesham Sallam | Shortly after the outbreak of Turkey’s Gezi Park protests, Egyptian public forums were flooded with
Sultan al-Qassemi
The Gulf and Egypt: Long transitions and Marshall plans
Over the past few years, Egypt’s relations with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on one hand,
Foreign Ministry slams Erdogan’s anti-Sisi remarks
Foreign Ministry denies Egypt blocked UN Security Council statement on Turkey
Egyptian media prematurely declares overthrow of Erdogan
Turkish deputy prime minister: Turkey could improve relations with Egypt if Morsi spared
Egyptian press gloats over Turkey bombings, blames Erdogan’s policies
Egypt submits complaint to Turkish Foreign Ministry
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