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TOPIC student unions
June 30, 3 years on: State efforts to depoliticize universities falter
Mai Shams El-Din and Pesha Magid | June 30, 3 years on: A series of infographs that detail how the state's efforts to depoliticize universities
Stuck in the middle on a troubled campus
Mai Shams El-Din | Since the fall semester began, a highly radicalized Islamist student movement at the University of Al-Azhar
On campus: A year of despair and possibility
The flicker of hope for the student movement that was kindled at the start of 2013 was quickly overshadowed
Campus divided
Since the start of the academic year, university campuses have become the new battleground between the
Al-Azhar campus battles
As the political tension between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood continues to unfold inside university
Student unions denounce verdict to return security to campuses
Update: University disputes police account of student killing