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TOPIC economic reform
2 years later, how have people’s lives been impacted by the flotation of the Egyptian pound?
Hasnaa Mohamed | If middle-income earners are feeling the squeeze, then how are those with less income faring?
Sisi’s balance sheet
Osman El Sharnoubi | Mada Masr breaks down macroeconomic indicators of Sisi's first term in office using government data
IMF intervention: Lessons from Asia and Latin America
Waad Ahmed | Accounts of IMF intervention in Asia and Latin America in the 1990s
Exclusive: Mada Masr obtains Sisi’s presidential decree for World Bank loan
Isabel Esterman | A deal with the World Bank for a US$1 billion loan could fall through if the Egyptian government does
Egyptian companies trapped in limbo by investment-friendly law
Jano Charbel | Egyptian workers have been fighting an uphill battle against draconian privatisation measures for decades,
Amr Adly
Youth unemployment and the ‘Egyptian right wing’
I watch the TV program “Hona al-Asema” (Here’s the Capital), which airs on the privately owned
Ahmed Alaa Fayed
Sweeping real corruption under the rug
Four years ago, extreme government corruption was one of the driving forces that pushed Egyptians to
Cabinet approves VAT bill
World Bank approves US$1 bn loan for Egypt, scales up overall support
Officials defend recent reforms on day 2 of the EEDC
Update: As economic summit draws to a close, deals said to reach $38.2 billion
Day 1 at the EEDC: Gulf countries promise US$12.5 bn in aid and investment
IMF: Egypt’s economic reforms are starting to produce a turnaround
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