TOPIC draft constitution
Why Egypt’s poor need a healthier home
Isabel Bottoms | Amid the campaigning in the run-up to the referendum, the content of the draft constitution has mostly
An analysis of the draft constitution
Jano Charbel | The 2013 draft constitution contains a number of provisions which some feared could be used to curb labor
2013 draft constitution
 The Arab Republic of Egypt is a sovereign state, united and indivisible,
Between a rock and a hard place
Mai Shams El-Din | With the constitutional referendum approaching, many non-Islamist parties that supported the military’s
Constitutional wrangling
Mai Shams El-Din | As Egyptians wait for a final date to vote in the referendum on the draft constitution, advocacy and
Objections and abstentions in new draft constitution
  By Saturday evening, the 50-member committee tasked with amending the constitution, finalized
Fatma Emam Sakory
Being Nubian in Egypt, and in the constitution
My parents are Nubian. They were both born in Cairo after their families were forcefully displaced
Mohamed Naeem
Egypt’s roadmap to crisis (Part 2)
There are a number of fears that surround Egypt’s transitional roadmap. The most significant is that
Mohamed Naeem
Egypt’s roadmap to crisis (Part 1)
The significance of the transitional roadmap lies in whether it is capable of ushering Egypt out of the
Voting results to be announced Saturday
Cabinet: Most voters plan to approve constitution
Egypt’s Grand Mufti calls on citizens to vote in referendum
Former interior minister leads new group in support of constitution
Update: Security says its ready for constitution referendum January 14 and 15
Carter Center sends experts to Egypt ahead of referendum
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