TOPIC detention of minors
Innocence behind bars: The fate of Egypt’s minors at the mercy of criminal and military courts
Mahmoud Wakea | Mada Masr looked into 35 cases of minors who have appeared before criminal and military courts
Minors caught up in political turmoil
Mai Shams El-Din | A group of students were protesting in front of Mansoura University last year, amid the heavy crackdown
Port Said rape case raises questions about Child Law
Leyla Doss | On November 13, five-year-old Zeina Arafah was found dead in the coastal city of Port Said with her bones
Abdelrahman al-Gendy
From prison: Stars and the world
22-year-old Abdelrahman al-Gendy writes from Tora Prison
Remaining defendants in April 15 protests released pending trial
Prosecution appeals decision to release torture T-shirt detainee
Young man detained for anti-torture T-shirt suffers from health complications in prison
Social media campaign fails to get jailed minor released for parents’ funeral
Amnesty: Authorities release minor allegedly raped, tortured by police
Interior Ministry denies minor was raped in police custody
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