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TOPIC dance
Nassim el-Raqs: A dance of mythical creatures on Alexandria’s streets
Randa Ali | Dance festival Nassim el-Raqs is one of Egypt's few remaining contemporary public space art events
Brazil’s Esmeralda: Belly dance as an idea, a hand wave
Omar Said | The Brazilian dancer on why belly dance became an expression of sexual obsession
In photos: A Slovenian ballet dancer in Cairo
Nadia El-Dasher | “It turned out to be an audition and I signed a contract with the company.”
Cactus Flower: A glimpse behind a Swiss-Egyptian dance collaboration
Alexandra Stock | How the dance that follows on from Hala Elkoussy's film came into being.
Om Kalthoum: Appropriation so sexy?
Ismail Fayed | Sometime in the mid-1960s, an Egyptian dancer made an audacious attempt to do the impossible: belly dance
In conversation: On 2B Continued and performing arts in Egypt
Hanaa Safwat and Rowan El Shimi | How long do we coddle for? When do we decide that the audience is ready to see something a little less
In photos: Fish, harassment, a strict hotel at 2B Continued festival
Rowan El Shimi | The theater is a stressful place during rehearsals, and stress levels increase as opening night draws
Ezzat Ezzat Studio: The architecture of dance
Rowan El Shimi | "My whole life, personality, approach changed because of dance, and this is my main motivation for anything
In photos: Dancers flood Sednaoui
Rowan El Shimi and Amir Makar | The building, in Cairo’s central Attaba district, was nationalized in 1961 but retains its original
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Adel Abdel Wahab
Nassim al-Raqs: Contemporary dance and the everyday street
Nassim al-Raqs engages citizens on Alexandria’s streets with an art form Egyptian society is unaccustomed
Ismail Fayed
Notes on belly-dance
I’d like to make a few notes on belly-dance beyond the moral debate around justifying it as a non-sexual