TOPIC curfew
5 signs that Operation Sinai 2018 is winding down
Do developments in North Sinai signal the end of the six-month military campaign?
Living under curfew: Arish transforms into a ghost town
Omar Ryad | It’s 3:00 pm on Saturday, a day after the Karm al-Qawadees attack in Sheikh Zuwayed that killed
Curfew commerce
Naira Antoun | There are more workers than there are customers. In ordinary circumstances, that would not be the case
Curfew entertainment
Nevine El-Shabrawy | For the past month, much of Cairo’s social scene has moved indoors. People watch television, experiment
Music, crisis and creative spaces in Cairo
Maha ElNabawi | We figured, if we’re all going to be cooped up in our houses, we might as well be cooped up in a music
Reem Saad
The military upholds virtue
I was surprised and disturbed as I followed the stories of many friends and others who reported on social
Curfew hours reduced in Arish
As the dust settles in Sinai, civilians brace for the worst
Curfew extended in North Sinai for three months, reduced in parts of Arish
Sinai: States of fear
Update: North Sinai violence ongoing as death toll continues to rise
North Sinai curfew extended by 3 months
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