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TOPIC constitutional referendums
A disintegrating coalition: Rifts re-emerge after Dostour Party’s default leadership election
Mai Shams El-Din | Rifts have re-emerged within the Dostour Party days after the default election of Khaled Dawoud as party
Elections commission: There have been lower turnouts
Voter turnout for the first phase of Egypt’s parliamentary elections amounted to 26 percent for the
A question of generations?
Naira Antoun | “This is the first step along the road,” a smiling young man sings in the video for “Inzil wa sharek”
Upper Egypt Copts more politically apathetic this referendum
Mai Shams El-Din | For the first time, the results of the referendum seem to be in favor of the Coptic community, whose
The referendum in pictures
Virginie Nguyen | Egypt’s 2014 constitutional referendum in pictures First day of voting: Tuesday January 14, 2014
Voters come out after Imbaba blast
Sarah Carr | At 10.30 am there were more people gathered around the Sudan Street courthouse in Imbaba then there were
A short errand among ‘yes’ voters
Lina Attalah | On the way to a Heliopolis polling station, a neighbor waves, “are you going to vote?” Before waiting
Narrow space for a ‘no’ campaign
Heba Afify | Two days before voting in the constitutional referendum was set to begin, the Strong Egypt Party announced
Egypt’s winding path toward a new constitution
Ursula Lindsey | Since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians have witnessed the formation of three constitutional
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Moritz Mihatsch
From Nasser to Sisi: Max Weber and Egyptian ‘legitimacy’
Egypt’s constitutional referendum is over and now the next round of competition is between the spin-doctors.
Amr Ezzat
Say whaat!?
If there were a position more apathetic than boycotting and at the same time more contemptuous than revoking
Sarah Carr
Boxed in
I (very) briefly grappled with whether to vote, or boycott this referendum but after the experience of
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17 sentenced to 5 years in jail for rioting during consitutional referendum
Strong Egypt members sentenced to 3 years for campaigning against constitution
15 arrested during referendum sentenced to 2 years
Hegazy: MB and Mubarak regimes don’t belong to Egypt’s future
Strong Egypt Party: The revolution’s constitution has yet to be written
President Mansour’s celebratory speech
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