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Indigenous Dog: Iconoclasm makes sudden entrance, sudden departure
Andeel | Indigenous Dog is like the internet and those young people on it: angry, disgruntled, rude, intelligent
Hassan wa Bogloz: Are comedy rip-offs and box-office profits parting ways?
Emad El-Din Aysha | When I stopped to ponder the storyline in total I managed to figure out the thematics, however crude
Ocean 14: Fast and funny, but drowning in borrowed clichés
Emad El-Din Aysha | The people responsible for this farce are the Masrah Masr theater group, know for their TV sketches involving
From fiction to fact: 4G and the January 25 balloon prank
Emad El-Din Aysha | Released last autumn, this entertaining film is still relevant, partly because the lead actor recently
Stewart Lee, Stewart Lee, Stewart Lee, Stewart Lee
Andeel | Andeel on England, comedy, Islamophobia and being politically correct.
Comedy 2000: The Principal wins
Sherif Hassan | Looking back at how Egypt's current trend for young, comic cinema began.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: A Paper Hero
Amany Ali Shawky | A surreal and thrilling cult movie about a missing screenplay
Another take on 1980 and Up: A play in a can
Amany Ali Shawky | In my opinion, it is almost insulting to abuse the hopes, disappointments, successes and failures of
1980 and Up: Jumping backward to get ahead
Andeel | I was surprised by the long and heated applause at jokes making fun of the army and the political situation
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Cartoon: Hilarious!
Andeel |Writing a comedy film.  Writer: "Nice. Write that down."