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The cost of coming forward: How women who experience sexual violence are violated twice over
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Testimonials of women have been hurt by incidents of sexual violence, and again after reporting them
Ragia Omran: Tirelessly pursuing human rights with one foot in corporate law
Award-winning lawyer Ragia Omran on working in human rights while keeping one foot in corporate law
Sisi approves NGO law over 6 months after it receives Parliament’s approval
Rana Mamdouh | Egypt’s contentious NGO law is ratified by Sisi over 6 months after Parliament's approval
Video | Civil society organizations are battling the state for survival: Mohamed Zaree
Egyptian rights defender Mohamed Zaree is nominated for Martin Ennals Award
While a bad year for civil society, all vow to find ways to continue
Lina Attalah | Facing intensifying restrictions, which may hurt the rule of law most, civil society workers vow to continue
Human rights in focus: Aida Seif al-Dawla
Lina Attalah | In this conversation, veteran human rights defender Aida Seif al-Dawla speaks about locating the human
Tahrir Academy NGO halts its activities
Mai Shams El-Din | Egyptian online collaborative learning platform Tahrir Academy declared in a statement this week that
Human rights in focus: Gamal Eid
Heba Afify | There are no compromises when it comes to human rights. Torture is a crime regardless of who does it;
Human rights in focus: Gasser Abdel Razek
Lina Attalah | In the summer of 2014, state-owned newspapers published a government-sponsored ultimatum to all NGOs
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Gamal Eid
Chronicle of a civil society, chronicle of a death foretold
As a court verdict freezes the assets of a number of HR workers in ‪Egypt‬, defendant Gamal Eid writes
Ruling on appeals filed by international civil society workers in NGO foreign funding case set for April 5
World Youth Forum organizer: We are marketing Egypt
UK criticizes new NGO law calling it a ‘step backwards’
Government shuts down libraries owned by rights activist Gamal Eid
Update: Egypt’s Parliament passes new NGO law
New regulation mandates NGOs consult ministry security department regarding activities
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