TOPIC Breakfast with Mada
Reem Maged: On the possibility, and impossibility, of a free media
Heba Afify | Reem Magued abandoned the media arena for almost two years, and just as her disappearance raised questions,
Breakfast with Mada: Belal Fadl and the state of intellectuals
Lina Attalah | Columnist and screenwriter Belal Fadl came to one of our Thursday breakfasts at Mada Masr. We spoke about
Breakfast with Mada: Bassem Youssef on cracking the walls
Sarah Carr | Every Thursday Mada Masr invites someone interesting to the office on the promise of a hearty
Breakfast with Mada: Discussing ‘Rags and Tatters’
"Maybe it’s about the revolution, but it’s definitely not about Tahrir or January 25, or the way
Breakfast with Mada: Ali Abdel Mohsen on cardboard
It feels like Cairo’s made of cardboard — the colors, how temporary everything is.
Breakfast with Mada: Abdel-Rahman Hussein on sound-hosting site Dandin
Each week, Mada Masr convenes over breakfast and invites a friend whose work has stirred a curiosity