TOPIC Bashir al-Deek
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Bus Driver
Adham Youssef | Produced a year after the killing of Anwar Sadat, Atef al-Tayeb's film brought Sadat's infitah policy
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Artful
Amany Ali Shawky | An ill-fitting day job, elating football games in the afternoon and occasional one-nighters with a colleague
Egypt’s cinematic gems: A Dinner Date
Amany Ali Shawky | A fast-paced feminist tragedy conjured from a small article in a newspaper’s crime section
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Halaa Housh’
Hanaa Safwat | On the surface, Bashir al-Deek's Halaa Housh is just another slapstick comedy, writes Hanaa Safwat.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Against the Government’
Andeel | “We are all corrupt, no exceptions, even with helpless silence, we are corrupt.”
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘The Escape’
Wael Hamdy | He has enough flexibility for minor ethical compromises
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘The Deluge’
Wael Hamdy | Any crime, regardless of how awful it is, can be digested under a certain level of pressure