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TOPIC Aya Metwalli
Cairo, coffee, headphones and a conversation with Ismail Hosny
Kamila Metwaly | The first of a series of in-depth interviews with musicians, with embedded music.
On El Cabina’s exit from the Alexandrian art scene: A new beginning for Gudran
Rowan El Shimi | Visiting El Cabina for the first time in 2012 marked the beginning of my love affair with Alexandria.
Stara highlights tense gap between state, commercial and alternative arts
Rowan El Shimi | When Stara was set to launch at Emad Eddin Street’s Naguib al-Rihany Theater, it caught newspaper headlines
Then and now: The singer, the graffiti artists and the writer
Amany Ali Shawky, Laura Bird and Rowan El Shimi | We take a look at the trajectories of four cultural producers who gained fame during or after the January
Sofar Sounds fits snugly in Cairo’s DIY culture trend
Habiba Effat | Short-lived artist-run spaces, imaginary schools, newspapers set up by groups of journalists, rooftop
Intelligent techno finds a low-key home in Heliopolis
Maha ElNabawi | Around 30 bodies lie on cushions quietly chit-chatting in a dark room. A projection of morphing geometric
Band of the week: Aya Metwalli
Maha ElNabawi | Folk, anti-folk, pop, anti-pop, avant-pop, electronica, noise? It’s hard to decide exactly which cookie-cut