In Aswan, death sentences loom as families try to put tribal violence behind them
Mai Shams El-Din | Twenty-five people in Aswan accused of committing acts of murder and violence in a brutal tribal battle
In Nubian village, residents have guarded ambitions for parliament
Heba Afify | Some historical trivia seems to be common knowledge among the inhabitants of Ballana, a small village
Homeless in Nubia
Heba Afify | The first of many surreal moments that filled my two-day work visit to Aswan happened when I looked out
Yasmine Laveille
Villagers demand a football field
It is hot in the microbus that takes me and a local activist to a village located about 10 kilometres
Heba Afify
30 hours of train trauma
As I hop on the Wednesday night Upper Egypt train from Cairo, I hear a newbie ask when we will get to
Trial of Nubian activists continues despite motion for judge’s recusal
Engineer dies after sustaining injuries at Aswan Cement plant, bringing death toll to 3
Archaeologists unearth host of ancient Egyptian monuments in Luxor, Aswan
26 sentenced to death, 21 to life in prison for Aswan violence
12 Saudis, 1 Kuwaiti arrested for illegal hunting in Aswan
Swedish archaeologists unearth 3,400-year-old necropolis in Aswan
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