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Systems of subtleties: Reflections on MASS Alexandria’s latest exhibition
Ash Moniz | The exhibition is MASS Alexandria's first since 2016.
Video | Beyond the factory: Kiln of discovery
Nour Pleutin | This is the story of Abdel Sattar's workplace, a pottery workshop in the village of Tunis, Fayoum.
On Farouk Wahba’s atelier: Chronicle of a mentor and his students
Ali Hussein Al Adawy | Alexandrian artist Farouk Wahba created a contemporary art movement which still echoes today
Ahmed Sabry: Relieving the weight
Shehab Awad | Ahmed Sabry paints landscape murals in the apartments of Cairo’s newly constructed upscale neighborhood,
Nermine El Ansari: Envisioning volume
Shehab Awad | Shehab Awad explores the studio of artist Nermine El Ansari.