TOPIC architecture
Modernist Indignation: Two architects on the forgotten legacy of Sayed Karim
Mai Elwakil | Discussing visionary Egyptian architect Sayed Karim and an award-winning exhibition of his work
Plan(s) for Greater Baghdad: How hidden stories shape iconic cities
Mai Elwakil | Mai Elwakil interviews Ala Younis on her feminist exhibition about Le Corbusier’s Baghdad gymnasium
Megawra: Making sure heritage is a resource, not a burden
Lara El Gibaly | An architect, a historian and a storyteller walk into a shrine…
The Red Monastery: Egypt’s last Byzantine monument
Karoline Kamel | Pharaonic land, Christian sanctuary, Muslim workers
In conversation: ‘German-ness’ in architectural representation at Goethe’s new Cairo headquarters
Rowan El Shimi | A conversation with Omar Nagati and Ilka Eickhof about the Goethe Institut's new building in Dokki
On Samir El Kordy: Dystopian architecture and new fantasies
Jenifer Evans | A profile of Egyptian architect Samir El Kordy.
Slums, gated communities and public space
Adham Selim | On global cultural policies and the architectural stalemate in Egypt.
Shahira Fahmy: A career that responded to a revolution
Ingy Higazy | Fahmy felt it was no longer viable for her to practice in Egypt, so began seeking other opportunities.
What happens to the knowledge produced? On Egypt at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale
Manar Moursi | There’s huge growth in skilled, youthful labor including architects and urbanists with no opportunities
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Mahmoud MM Riad
Erasing History: Why demolishing the NDP building is a mistake
As I type this article, I can see the bulldozers start to tear apart the building which once paid host
Cabinet moves to tear down former NDP building