TOPIC anti-terrorism law
Has the government finally found a mechanism to seize Brotherhood assets?
Mohamed Hamama and Rania al-Abd | Under the new law, the government can directly confiscate assets rather than merely freeze them
Amendments to Egypt’s nationality law: An obscure state for the ‘stateless’
Mohamed Hamama | Amendments to the law governing citizenship open the door on an unprecedented legal situation
24 hours later: What we know about the blocking of Mada Masr’s website
Mohamed Hamama | Where and how we're blocked, whether it could be legal, what the context is, and more
What happened after February 11, 2011?
Mai Shams El-Din | The famous chant of “bread, freedom and social justice” continued to resonate in people’s heads
License to kill?
Mohamed Hamama | The anti-terrorism law that was ratified last week included several articles that were contested
Who will pay for unleashing ‘the shackled hands of justice’?
Mohamed Hamama | During a phone interview on Ala Masouliti television show, hosted by presenter Ahmed Mousa on Monday
Terrorist or scapegoat?
Sarah Carr and Leyla Doss | The crowd that gathered at the bombed Cairo Security Directorate on Friday January 24 chanted anti-Muslim
Dina Yehia
Egypt’s anti-terrorism legislation
The Egyptian government has at least two proposed drafts for a new pieces of anti-terrorism legislation,
Placement of 296 on ‘terrorist list’ overturned by Court of Cassation
Court adds 241 people to Egypt’s terrorist list
Website blocks extended to include El-Borsa, DNE, Tor
Cabinet approves Sisi’s draft law criminalizing ‘terrorist’ symbols
5 sentenced to prison in first conviction under anti-terror law
Rights groups call anti-terrorism law ‘a blow to the Constitution’
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No likes?
Andeel | Sisi issues a new law to fight terrorism on the internet.Sisi: Still, no likes?