TOPIC American University in Cairo
Ahmed Bassam Zaki’s charges highlight flaws in penal code
Mohamed Tarek | Zaki’s sentence may ultimately come down to the judge’s interpretation of the facts of the case.
AUC students merge politics and play in graphic design exhibition
Farida Hussein | The program has recently been placing increased emphasis on conceptual thinking.
Book review: AUC and its students — irrepressible bubbles and inevitable politicization
Tarek Ghanem | Moataz Bellah’s bold introspective narrative tracks the rise and fall of the student movement in AUC
AUC Board of Trustees reaffirms confidence in university administration against faculty, student vote
Mostafa Mohie | The university’s Senate voted to withdraw confidence from AUC President Ricciardone last week
Talking colorful journalism
Mada in conversation with AUC Times about critical and curious journalism
Expelled Yemeni AUC student given provisional UNHCR protection pending asylum application
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Does AUC have the right to ask a former student, expelled for violations, to leave the country?
Not all AUC students are rich
Mai Shams El-Din | Protests over rising tuition fees at AUC challenge misconceptions about the student body
What happened to the social sciences in Egypt?
Mai Shams El-Din | The corporatization of education and restricted political environment has diminished Egypt's social sciences
Informants at AUC?
Mai Shams El-Din | The independent AUC student newspaper has published an investigative report about informants on campus
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AUC faculty and alum (listed below)
On Saad Eddin Ibrahim’s visit to Tel Aviv University
AUC faculty members assert Ibrahim's visit is a betrayal of the Egyptian and Palestinian people
Dina Hussein
Galal Amin: A master of the declining art of teaching
Remembering Galal Amin not only as an intellectual, but a captivating teacher
Ayah Abo-Basha
#FreeBebo: Campaign to free arrested AUC student
“As a professor, there’s nothing more difficult than to enter a classroom to an empty seat — the
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AUC attempts to placate student anger, but still bans the niqab
Update: AUC workers end strike after administration files report
AUC cleaners strike against nonrenewal of contracts
AUC students resort to Egypt’s judiciary against tuition increase
AUC and Cairo University drop in QS international rankings
Former US ambassador Francis Ricciardone named new AUC president
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