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Video | White gold
Seasoned Monufiya farmer Namaat Abdel Aziz Barin shares a traditional cotton harvest song.
Growing a market for organic produce: Makar Farms
Lara El Gibaly | Makar Farms introduces new vegetables to Egypt and launches a new series of chef’s table lunches
On the question of food
Dina Hussein | Over a year ago, I began interviewing food activists and researchers in Egypt on the question of food.
Inconsistent policy changes are putting Egypt’s cotton industry in crisis
Isabel Esterman | Egypt’s cotton industry has been subject to a dizzying series of policy shifts this year, leaving both
Sidy Benamar | Walking around the Heliopolis district of Dhaher at dawn, I enter a small maze of paths, all nine of
The dimly lit marvels of Cairo’s Agricultural Museum
Sara-Duana Meyer | Initially meant to record natural history from the pharaohs to modern times, the museum has become a
In photos: A visit to Cairo’s Flower Show
Jenifer Evans, Andeel and Amir Makar | It was our first-ever visit to the Ministry of Agriculture’s month-long annual Flower Show, which started
Subsidy removal will ‘break the backs of cotton farmers’
Isabel Esterman | The government has eliminated cotton farming subsidies, Agriculture Minister Adel al-Beltagy announced
Agricultural entrepreneurs are starting to find fertile ground
Isabel Esterman | Under a fine spray of mist, row upon row of leafy greens are planted on waist-high tables, their roots
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Amro Ali
A frightening vision: On plans to rebuild the Alexandria Lighthouse
It's no easy feat to restore the seventh wonder of the ancient world, but then along came modern-day
Mahmoud MM Riad
Erasing History: Why demolishing the NDP building is a mistake
As I type this article, I can see the bulldozers start to tear apart the building which once paid host
Hala N. Barakat
On food and its sovereignty
The concept of “food sovereignty” has recently surfaced in public debates, replacing the more widely
Cabinet approves organic farming bill
Egypt bans rice exports
Egypt revives agriculture scheme in Sudan’s strife-ridden Blue Nile State
Ahead of New Suez Canal inauguration, gov’t moves to complete next canal project
Enviro Ministry warns ‘black cloud’ will hit on Friday
Arab land investors to visit Toshka
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