I lost track of time in every sense of the word *
Yara Sallam | A friend said to me, “Expect to spend the same amount of time recovering outside as you did inside.”
Five metaphors on healing
Alaa Abd El Fattah | Suffering is not sacrifice and the body is not a machine. The pain is not yours alone
Creaturely empathy with desert animals: A Kuwaiti environmentalist’s social media experiment
Matthew Chovanec | Much of the appeal of hunting in the region is in the way that it invokes an idealized past.
Abortion Tales: Abortion at the mall
Ghadeer Ahmed | "He kept the test that shows I was pregnant; I kept the blood that shows I killed that baby."
Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion
Ghadeer Ahmed | Every story is told by a woman, written by a woman and meant to be read by women.
Video | Rizk
Mostafa Abdel Raouf | Mohamed Rizk was infected with poliovirus as a child, losing his ability to walk at an early age.
Video | Beyond the factory: The zincographer
Haisam Hassan | Mohamed Belya works as a zincographer in the Cairo neighborhood of al-Gamaliyya.
Letter to my husband, Ramy Shaath, a prisoner of conscience in Egypt
Celine Lebrun-Shaath | Since the night they separated us, I've done everything to be strong and to be able to fight for you
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