Philly Stands Up: Inside the politics and poetics of transformative justice and community accountability in sexual assault situations
Esteban Kelly | Esteban Kelly, one of the founding members of Philly Stands Up, describes its journey
In our hands: Community accountability as pedagogical strategy
Clarissa Rojas | Clarissa Rojas recounts a classroom process of pursuing community accountability
Series: Community accountability — how does it really work?
A series exploring experiences of addressing sexual violence through community accountability
Video | Beyond the factory: The Watchmaker
Ali Sherif | Doaa Qandil, who inherited a watchmaking shop from her father, speaks about her profession
Video | Clement’s silent hymn
Ali Sherif | Clement Alfons teaches hearing-impaired members of the Episcopal Church
Video | Not a princess, but a queen
Asmaa El Gaafary | A day in the life of Amira Maher, 18, an actor working at the Pharaonic Village
Video | White gold
Seasoned Monufiya farmer Namaat Abdel Aziz Barin shares a traditional cotton harvest song.
The cost of coming forward: How women who experience sexual violence are violated twice over
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Testimonials of women have been hurt by incidents of sexual violence, and again after reporting them
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