Rage in Baghdad
Hafsa Halawa | Hafsa Halwa unpacks the ongoing protests in Iraq, which have left over 100 dead and 6,100 injured.
A personal introduction to viciousness in enmity
Alaa Abd El Fattah | The story is not about prisoners’ health, but the health of the nation.
Supreme Media Regulatory Council secretary: ‘We’ve yet to reach decision on website licensing, do not know when executive bylaws will be issued’
One year after the rushed application window, the SMRC has yet not reviewed any of the applications.
How will President-elect Kais Saied lead Tunisia?
Establishing a constitutional court will be one priority especially given that he is a law professor
Activist Israa Abd El Fattah reports torture in detention, faces smear campaign amid new arrests and disappearances
She was told that she would face further torture if she spoke about the abuse.
Unidentified missile kills family in Bir al-Abd, Egyptian security forces thwart suicide attack in Arish
Bir al-Abd has become a new battleground between the Province of Sinai and the Armed Forces.
Security directives instruct media to attack National Council for Human Rights
One message suggested that the head of the human rights council suffers from Alzheimer's Disease
The ‘quantum leap’ in Egypt-Israel relations
Cairo must maintain good ties with Israel, even if some aspects of the relationship remain hidden.
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