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Galal Amin: A master of the declining art of teaching
Dina Hussein | Remembering Galal Amin not only as an intellectual, but a captivating teacher
World Economic Outlook projects Egypt’s inflation rate to rise slightly higher than expected
Egypt’s inflation rate projections for the current and coming year were revised slightly upward
Egypt ordered to pay over US$2 billion in compensation to Union Fenosa Gas
The World Bank’s arbitration arm has ordered Egypt to pay US$2.013 billion in compensation
Could the Turkish lira crisis hit Egypt?
Waad Ahmed | Will emerging markets, including Egypt's, be hit by a contagion?
People, the government and businessmen: Who drafts the budget and who stands to benefit?
Waad Ahmed | A discussion on how a more transparent and participatory budget can promote economic justice
Laboratory initiative launched to support domestic gas supply, net export
Government announces the launch of pilot program at a new natural gas laboratory at Zohr gas field
Finance minister: Egypt spent US$20 bn on ‘external obligations’ last year
Finance Minister Maiet: Egypt spent US$20 billion on external obligations during fiscal year 2017/18
How oil hedging could allow Egypt to lift fuel subsidies despite rising international prices
Waad Ahmed | Hedging could allow Egypt to continue austerity measures without leaving the local market vulnerable
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