Detox | ‘Everything’s gonna be alright’
Well, we all know what’s up, and it’s not pretty.
Detox | Proceed with caution
Enjoy our weekly recommendations, and stay safe. 
Detox | Cease your reproach
A set of rules is only powerful because people make it so.
In Other Words | Two O’Clock on a Tuesday Afternoon by Muhammad El-Hajj
Muhammad El-Hajj | They needed a revolution to come together, and without its triumph their love, too, stood no chance
Thinking through dance
Salma Abdel Salam | The choreography of our bodies is changing and it is doing so rapidly, by policing ourselves
Detox | Adaptation
Adaptation has been our metaphorical shield of resistance, the one thing that’s kept us together
Why now: Jelani Cobb on the uprising in America
Millions of people around the world are watching the state use violence against US citizens en masse
Detox | For your ears only
#35: This issue of Detox is a treat for your ears; you can think of it as one big Listen section. 
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