cosmic lovers
Cosmic love in the year of COVID-19
We knew it first. This will be a cosmic year.
Reem Khorshid
Growing something out of grief
I am overcome by a sudden warm wave of realization: I have to go back. I want to go back.
Nader Andrawos
How to survive the end of the world
All over the world, people are running to grocery stores to hoard toilet paper and sanitizer gel —
Sarah Rifky
reimagine: all the people
Break the cycles of economic acceleration and crisis. Slow down. Then things will start changing.
Mirette Moenes
Six steps the Prison Authority should take immediately in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
If – or rather, when – the virus gets into prisons, it will be nearly impossible to contain it.
Where do old lesbians go to die?
How can we grow old when the world never stopped making children of us, over and over again?
H.A. Hellyer
‘And give good tidings to the strangers’
For much of the January 25 movement’s active lifespan, it was on the margins.
Nada Wahba
Feminine genitalia and well-behaved women: How circumcision has adapted and why it continues
Their efforts miss the point, addressing a practice that has, in the minds of many, ceased to exist
Nader Andrawos and Alaa Badr
The Arab intellectual, past and present
Is it too self-indulgent to call such an ill-defined group a new intellectual generation?
Bilal Alaa
A republic deferred, forever
This process is essential for the continuation of the regime — a necessary act of political theater.
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