Protesters take to streets after Sudanese PM survives assassination attempt
Elzharaa Jadallah and Mohamed Amin | Hamdok tweeted that he is safe and that the failed attempt would not halt Sudan's transition.
Media law executive regulations finally go into effect 18 months after law passed
Newspapers are also required to submit 20 copies of each printed issue to the council.
8 men convicted by military court in deadly church bombings case executed on Monday
Several defendants told prosecutors that they were subjected to forced disappearances and torture
Three days of mourning announced for former President Hosni Mubarak
The presidency issued a statement expressing “great sadness" over Mubarak's death.
Militant cell linked to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt accused of plotting attack in Khartoum
The Sudanese public prosecutor accused the group of planning to conduct attacks in the capital city.
After years of legal limbo, civil society workers set to receive court decision in April
The events of the case date back to 2011, when police raided the headquarters of a number of NGOs.
Detained researcher’s lawyers say he was beaten, his arrest report falsified
Zaki, who is a student at the University of Bologna, was on his way to visit his family in Egypt.
Resetting the prison clock: Abouel Fotouh charged in new case days before completing maximum two years in remand detention
He was arrested in 2018 after making TV appearances sharply criticizing Egyptian authorities.
Court finds police order to force activist to spend 12 hours a day in police station ‘abusive’ and ‘without justification’
The ruling lends weight to defense lawyers’ arguments in similar cases, the lawyer said.
Egyptian official: Foreign Ministry statement on Trump ‘peace plan’ slightly watered down from initial draft
Palestinian leaders, who were not a part of the negotiations, blasted the plan.
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