Mada Morning Digest

The Mada Morning Digest is a comprehensive daily overview of the Arabic-language press in Egypt, translated into English, summarized and emailed every morning from Sunday to Thursday.

The Digest unpacks Egypt’s complex political, economic and social conditions as represented by local press. More than just the average press review, it gives a broad perspective that is contextualized and nuanced.

Emailed to you at 8 am Cairo local time, Sunday to Thursday, the Digest:

  • Offers an analytical overview of how news is covered by adding context and background

The three to four top news are covered every day

  • Offers a selection of opinions from influential voices and shapers of public opinion in outlets ranging from state-run to partisan and privately owned newspapers

Three to four opinion pieces are summarized and analyzed every day, featuring from the most influential columnists to less famous but interesting ones

  • Highlights side stories and developments that don’t make the headlines

Side stories offer original story leads for journalists and offer a glimpse on the country’s pulse outside of the news cycle

  • Offers a sampling of cartoons and caricatures from the newspapers commenting on the main news of the day

  • Offers links to relevant coverage from Mada Masr and other news outlets
  • Your account can be accessed from any device through a personal log-in, which also provides access to an archive of all previous days’ news.
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We offer a choice of packages, ranging from the standard offering to a premium subscription that adds a weekly report of trending topics on TV talks shows and popular tags on social media, as well as the institutional package which is ideal for business and institutions.

The social media coverage includes trending hashtags, most popular YouTube videos and how the main story of the week has been covered on social media

The TV talk shows digest covers how the most popular talk shows covered the two main stories of the week

For students and academic institutions, we also offer special packages based on your needs.

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For any additional inquiries, please email us at digest@madamasr.com