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Yasmine Zohdi
11th Panorama of the European Film: We share our picks
Ahmed Wael, Hadeer El-Mahdawy, Leila Arman, Mostafa Mohie and Yasmine Zohdi | This year there are over 70 films, spanning four venues across Cairo and more in ten other cities.
Margins within margins: What does El Gouna Film Festival’s industry platform really offer independent Arab filmmakers?
Yasmine Zohdi | The central courtyard at the Technical University of Berlin’s Gouna campus — El Gouna Film Festival’s
Zawya 2.0: Between resilience and compromise
Yasmine Zohdi | This could've been it: a very feasible ending for Zawya. But it's not. It's a new beginning
Your guide to navigating Cairo Cinema Days 2
Areej Gamal, Doaa Nabhan, Leila Arman, Rowan El Shimi, Wafaa Elsaeed and Yasmine Zohdi | Mada Masr's culture team takes a look at this year's Cairo Cinema Days lineup
Revisiting images, reconstructing meaning
Yasmine Zohdi | From Berlin, on Jasmina Metwaly’s “We Are Not Worried in the Least”
Zobaida: A surrealism of the everyday
Areej Gamal | Zobaida is a triumph of rebellious theater that rebels against traditional methods of production
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FestBeat: Day 8 of Panorama prompts reflections