Sherif Azer
Sherif Azer is an Egyptian human rights activist/defender. He is the Middle East and North Africa Coordinator for Front Line Defenders, and the Assistant Secretary General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights. Azer was the Arabic Information Coordinator for the International Freedom of Expression Exchange Network (IFEX) from read more
Sherif Azer
Twitter suspends more accounts of Egyptian activists
Pro-Mubarak Twitter users tail prominent activist
Sherif Azer
‘Vernacularize’ human rights for revolution
Many of us who took part in the January 25 revolution feel it might be time to run an assessment and
Sherif Azer
The prior Coptic revolution
Four years ago around this time, a small revolution occurred in the country. Any news of it was suppressed.
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Ahmed Mourad and the literary insult to intelligence
Sherif Azer | Dear Ahmed Mourad, I experienced steadily rising fury from the first page of your novel, “1919,”