Omar Said
Omar Said
An afternoon spent endorsing a presidential candidate passes with relative ease
Employees tasked with recording candidate endorsements seemed bewildered by new technology
Omar Said
Jan 25, 5 years on: 5 years of belief and disbelief
It’s hard to articulate the meaning of the fifth anniversary of the revolution. The memory of triumph
Southern Lebanon is in revolt too
Omar Said | “They say we are against the revolution? Who? The people of the South? We are the resistance.”
Conversations from the Lebanese uprising | Rima Majed: Our struggle is class-based, not sectarian
Omar Said | "The revolution in Beirut started with those downtrodden classes, then other groups joined them."
Lebanon’s Tripoli rises above lingering effects of war to revolt
Omar Said | The demonstrations in Tripoli have a different feel from those in the rest of the country.
Conversations from the Lebanese uprising | Ahmad El Assi: The movement is an opportunity to end the civil war
Omar Said | Our tactical demand is establishing a transitional government that has financial & social priorities
Conversations from the Lebanese uprising | Joelle Boutros: The civil war only really ended today, with this movement
Omar Said | "I think this is the first movement in the country’s modern history that encompasses all of Lebanon"
Shoot, post and share: The viral accusations against Sisi and the military that led to Friday’s protests
Omar Said and Rana Mamdouh | Sisi’s mesh of endearing and threatening discourse might have only given his opponents a leg up.
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